Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Week 7, Post A

1.) Vocab

Flogging: to sell, esp. aggressively or vigorously (pg. 249).

Permutation: A complete change; a transformation (pg. 253).

2.) Figurative Language

Simile- "and all of a sudden, the stadium burst out with a roar as if the stadium just collapsed. Thats how loud it was," (pg. 258).

Onomatopeoia- "'U-S-A! U-S-A!,' is what the crowd was chanting after solidifying the victory..." (pg. 260).

Quote- "This year was a challenge for all of us. A challenge to: Live and work as a unit. Play a positive game-a creative way. Make the most out of our dreams. You met those challenges and conquered them. If there was any team I ever wanted to identify with on a personal basis, this was the team. Hopefully that day will come," (pg. 263).
One Emerging Theme- There are no themes left to the book, because i'm finished with it.

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