Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Week 6, Post A

1.) Vocabulary

Habitually- of the nature of a habit; fixed by or resulting from habit (page 209).

Jarring- to have a harshly unpleasant or perturbing effect on one's nerves, feelings, thoughts, etc (page 211).

2.) Figurative Language

Simile- "...and the U.S.A. team started as if they were ready to pounce all over the Soviets like tigers...," (page 216).

Onomatopeoia- "...and all of a sudden, a loud 'roar' overcame the teams from the crowd when the U.S.A. scored..." (page 227).

Quote- "If you woke him up at 3 in the morning and told him you were going to have a little pickup game at the Boston Skating Club in Brighton, he'd be out there backchecking and forechecking like crazy, " (page 225).

One Emerging Theme- An emerging theme is the 3rd period of the game between the U.S.A. and the Soviets of the 1980 Olympics.

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