Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week 1, Post A

1.) Vocabulary

Debunk- to expose or excoriate (a claim, assertion, sentiment, etc.) as being pretentious, false, or exaggerated. Page 26.

Plyometrics- a type of exercise using explosive movements to develop muscular power, esp. bounding, hopping, and jumping. Page 39

2.) Figurative Language

Simile- "...and then began to spin, 360 degrees in a blur, the puck on his stick as if it were glued," (pg. 26). I know this is a simile, because it's saying that the player has excellent stickhandling skills, and is being compared using "like" or "as," which is what a simile is.

Imagery- "...the players charged out of the locker room, turned right and then right again. At the threshold of the ice, Craig paused and looked up for a second. The building was shaking from the cheers," (pg. 25). This is Imagery because it gives you a vivid example in your head of what's going on at the precise moment.

Irony- "...Petrov and his teammates, was 13 days earlier, in Madison Square Garden, where the Americans didn't lose so much as get annihilated," (pg. 25). This is Irony, because it's saying that the Soviets were dominating the Americans in the prior meeting of the 2 teams, but what's Ironic, is that it dooesn't happen again and that the Soviets get too full of themselves.

Quote- Ken Dryden said on page 33: "You can make 49 different kinds of mayonnaise. You can teach Dolphins to do the most complex tasks. Why can't you teach your hockey players to pass the puck more than 2 meters?" The significance of this quote, is that Ken is implying that the American team is not yet complete. Their passing game isn't the greatest, and Ken is putting that on the coaches shoulders that it's his fault.

Emerging Theme- An emerging theme from the story, is that the team is prepared for vengance from their devestating loss to the Soviets in their prior meeting.

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