Thursday, November 29, 2007

Week 2, Post B

My reaction to this section of the book (pages 50-96), is quite surprised. What i didn't see coming was that the novel would describe some of the players accomplishments, and their life stories and historical backgrounds. I never knew that some of the players had such interesting lives. For example, the player biography on Jack O'Callahan: "He grew up in Charlestown, Massachusetts, a tough Irish-Catholic enclave across the river from Boston. His house was a short walk from the site of the Battle of Bunker Hill......O'Callahan, Boston University captain and All-American, MVP of the NCAA Tournament in 1978, seemed to relive it every timehe hit the ice," (pages 68-69). Reacting to this quote, I'd have to say that O'Callahan was pretty good growing up? But that's my opinion. He seemed like such an amazing person to play with, even when others would say "he's the kind of guy who could hang with the president of the U.S.A., or the Hell's Angels," (page 69). This is just one player. There are others, like Buzz Schneider, Jim Craig, Joe Micheletti, and other greats. Another reaction I had, was impressed, because of the way the Americans played in the first period, scoring at the end to have some momentum to ride with into the 2nd period, in which they scored with 00:01 left. Overall, I was intrigued for this week.

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