Friday, January 18, 2008

Top 10 List

1.) Herb Brooks- Herb Brooks was an amazing man. He was the coach of the U.S.A. men's 1980 Olympic team who won the gold medal. Herb was very influential, which made him very important in this book. His style of coaching (hard nose, zero tolerance) was what made his team so good to win the Gold medal, and also pulled off one of the biggest upsets of all time against the Soviets. Herb Brooks died recently, and this book, and the movie "Miracle" were dedicated to him.

2.) Underdog- The way that this is important is that it's a motif. The U.S.A. team was an underdog for the game against the Soviets, and they proved people wrong by pulling off the upset.

3.) Miracle- This is another motif, which relates to the "Underdog." This was a miracle on ice, because as underdogs, they were supposed to lose to a team who's been undefeated for approx. 4 olympic games (?). Winning this game was one of the biggest feats in sports history.

4.) Madison Square Garden- This was the setting for the Olympics, and it's important because its where history was set. I don't know what else I'd have to say about this, but that's the significance of it in my top 10.

5.) 1980 Olympics- Soviets were once again predicted to win the gold. Would this happen? No. The U.S.A. team would pull off the upset, make history, and the 1980 Olympics would go down as one of the most memorable years in sports history for such an upset.

6.) Gold Medal Game- The U.S.A. team played Soviets, won, then went to play Sweeden for the gold medal game. They won the game, and the U.S.A. team won their first gold medal since Herb Brooks played for the team.

7.) Lou Nanne- Your probably wondering why Lou Nanne is in this top 10. Well, he is significant because of the recognition he gets from Brooks. He gets praise, and gives it back too to Brooks also. Nanne is an influential role model on the game of hockey, and still is as of today.

8.) Herb Brooks Quote- "This year was a challenge for all of us. A challenge to: Live and work as a unit. Play a positive game-a creative way. Make the most out of our dreams. You met those challenges and conquered them. If there was any team I ever wanted to identify with on a personal basis, this was the team. Hopefully that day will come." This is significant because it's Brooks' reflection on the team from a successful run to the gold medal.

9.) Brooks' Death- When Brooks died, alot of people were hurt. Companions, players, family members, friends, etc. But the people that it touched the most, were the players that he coached. He was a real hard-ass (pardon the french) but the players loved him. He was a great coach, and he was the best coach you could ask for.

10.) The Team- The U.S.A. team was the most significant, for many different reasons. They played as a team, they pulled off the biggest upset of all time, and most of all, they trusted eachother. Trust is the biggest part of a team's success, and obviously, it showed, as they completed their goal of winning the gold medal.

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