Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Week 5, Post A

1.) Vocabulary
Concocting- To prepare by mixing ingredients, as in cooking (page 165).
Instantaneous- occurring, done, or completed in an instant (page 172).

2.) Figurative Language

Simile- "...Marakov was as mad as a tiger that didn't get his food for dinner..." this is a simile because of the comparison between the 2 things. It's also funny too.
Onomatopeoia- "...and all of a sudden, Brooks statred to yell 'Ahhh!' in an excited way, since he and the team were so pumped up and had all the momentum..." This is an onomatopeoia because of the "ahhh!" since it's a sound.
Quote- "Whether I had a good period or a bad period, that was my signal that it was time to start over," (page 179). This is a significant quote because Jim Craig actually lived up to his word in this quote by actually doing better like he said.
One Emerging Theme- An emerging theme is the 3rd period of the Gold Medal game.

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