Thursday, October 4, 2007

Week 3, Part 2

So far, my reactions to this book have been positive. What Jacob has described, is the life of a rock and roll star, and the life before all the fame and glory. My feelings towards the book are happy, excitement, and curiousity. Happiness because it just gives me that feeling that I'd feel just as happy doing the one thing you love most; and excitement because you get the crowds roaring, and it just tells you to achieve more; and curiousity because the book keeps making you wonder, "what's gonna be next for the band and Jacob?"

The strengths of this book are the voice. The voice is strong because Jacob expresses himself in the book, which shows the emotion in what is said. I wouldn't say there is any weaknesses because I believe that this book delivers thoroughly and strong. The story is excellent, and that's why I don't think there are any weaknesses.
How I can relate the book to real life, is that his past is my present. I am trying to be like him. I know it might not be realistic because not everyone becomes a famous musician, but it's a goal that he accomplished, so I think I can too.
My prediction for the rest of the book is that the band will go gold, maybe platinum with their records. Also, I believe they will have many songs atop the charts in the following years.

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