Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week 4, Part 2

This section is about the band hitting it big. Semisonic recently released their first album, with their single, "Closing Time," and how the rehearsal was so difficult. This was basically the entire first chapter of this section.
The next chapter was about leading up to the first time that "Closing Time" was to be played on the radio, live. The tension between Jacob and the band was building and building, since they were so nervous about wondering what people would think of their song, and if they could perform it as well as the recording. Once the song was over, Jacob and the band started to have their mailboxes filled up to the top. All of a sudden, Semisonic was on Jay Leno, Late night with Conan O'Brien, and all those other late night shows.
This final chapter is about the band TOURING with someone, not OPENING for a band. Semisonic toured with "Matchbox 20," another band of Semisonic's genre. The tour bus had specific rules, like doing your certain business (not no. 2), and waking up at certain times. Basically, the entire chapter revolved around Semisonic and Matchbox 20's schedule on a daily basis, which was Wake up, Cleansing themself, eat, etc.

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greg weber said...

i thought you insight was very good. Over all your blogs are good. one thing you could impove on would maybe be more detail with your summeries.

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