Thursday, October 25, 2007

Week 6, Post #1

In this last section of "So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star," Semisonic releases another album, "All About Chemistry." They released it in the early 2000's, and it was big as executives said it would be. In a magazine that was published after the release, "Q Magazine" gave the album 5 stars. Once the album was released, Semisonic leaked out into international radio stations, and would speak on radios and everything like that. Semisonic would play concerts all summer, and at their last show, the "Fash Bash," they raised money for cancer research.
In the next chapter, they were sitting at a coffee shop in Minneapolis and were getting harassed by a fan about when their next concert would be, or when their next album release was. They were annoyed. Then, later on, Semisonic lost their record contract, so the only thing they could do was just sit back and watch the Internet take over the music business. Also, all of Semisonic's close friends, and MCA Executives, were fired, like Jay Boberg, Gary Ashley, Hans, and Craig Lambert. Jacob at the end of the book talks about how whenever he hears music, he dreams of getting back on stage. He reflects back to the time when he played in Mexico City: "...hundreds of lighters began to flick in time with the music, I was jealous of the crowd for the style with which it made the night so fun." He also reflects on the song, "El Matador": "When I listen to "El Matador," I get to enter Jake's world from the outside, even as I look out from the inside."
To close this memoir, Jake ended it with a quote that sounds as if he lived by it at one point in his life: "...the energy of the 2,000 people packed into the club will channel itself through the three people on stage and pour out again into the crowd, over and over, as we ride on waves of sound and light."

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Zach Engle said...

You did a really good job with the insight part or your assignment i would give you a 8-9/10. i didnt really see anything that you could have changed to make anything better other than maybe get a little more detail into your posts.

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